Vampires all the rage this Halloween

00:03, Oct 30 2010
Wal Frith has a thirst for fake blood. He has a Halloween party on Saturday night and was looking for something else to wear until Gabrielle Heath of Petticoat Lane costume hire in Papanui showed him the 'insane surgeon' outfit with splattered blood.

Red-hot demand for fake blood ahead of Halloween trick or treating this Sunday has seen some Christchurch stores sell out.

Costume shops in the city are reporting a rush on hires ahead of spook-themed weekend parties though say traditional costumes such as ghosts, goblins and witches are no longer the most popular.

Forget ghosts, goblins and witches  Christchurch trick or treaters do not want to dress in traditional Halloween costumes anymore.



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Halloween is only two days away and people are flocking to costume stores.

Instead, vampire outfits are extremely popular following the success of the Twilight books and movies, and TV series True Blood, Christchurch people were opting for less traditional get-ups.

Petticoat Lane costume hire owner Gabrielle Heath said, ''It's not necessarily spooks and goblins.

A lot of people are choosing characters,'' she said.

Heath said vampire costumes were extremely popular, along with The Joker, from Batman blockbuster, The Dark Knight.

She said soaring fake blood sales last year meant the shop stocked up this Halloween.

However, some suppliers were already reporting they were sold out of the fake gore, Heath said.

''The shop is completely over-run. It builds up to an absolute climax at the shop over the weekend.''
Camelot Costume Hire owner Colleen Lewis agreed the popularity of traditional Halloween costumes was on the wane.

''People, finally, are moving away from going as wizards and witches, the traditional Halloween costumes. I've had a real mix assortment of costumes being hired.''

Lewis said vampire costumes were still popular and had been hired out.

''My superhero costumes have all been fully booked too,'' she said.Groovy Costumes owner Charise O'Connell also said people were moving away from usual halloween costumes and choosing character from popular culture or fantasy.

''My male vampire costumes are just about sold out too,'' she said.

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