Lights 'similar' to 1978

16:00, Dec 27 2010
unexplained lights
HISTORY REPEATS: Lloyd McFadden spotted these unexplained lights from his Redwood home on Boxing Day, 32 years after he filmed the Kaikoura "UFO".

A TVNZ cameraman who filmed the 1978 UFO sightings near Kaikoura has again reported seeing unexplained lights.

Lloyd McFadden, then 27, filmed the lights near Kaikoura 32 years ago.

On Sunday night, he said there had been a second sighting, this time above his Redwood home in Christchurch.

However, the Canterbury Astronomical Society said the Christchurch lights were probably satellites.

McFadden said he saw 10 lights travelling slowly in formation, without any noise, about 10.30pm on Sunday.

"There was absolutely no sound and they were flying too slow to be an aircraft. I would really like to know what they were," he said.


McFadden said the lights were similar to the unexplained Kaikoura lights that he filmed more than 30 years ago. "I couldn't give an explanation about what they were, but I would dearly love to know," he said.

McFadden's wife, Ina, also saw the lights.

"All you could see was orangey and reddish lights, like fireballs. They were moving at a steady pace and went right over the top of us."

Lloyd McFadden saw two lights disappear into the clouds, and eight other lights then flew above the pair. McFadden believed the objects were moving about 30kmh, and were about 3000 feet above their house.

A similar sighting of four orange lights was reported in Napier on Sunday night, just before 10pm. Fraser Duncan, a graphics tutor from the Eastern Institute of Technology, was "stunned".

Canterbury Astronomical Society observatory director Adrian Kelly said the sightings would probably have been satellites.

"I am certainly saying they were satellites. They are travelling on straight trajectories in an arc."

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