Chch from air 6 weeks on

More than six weeks  from the February earthquake and central Christchurch still looks like a ghost town.

Viewing the deserted central city from a helicopter the destruction is simplified.

The streets are lifeless and apart from the odd exception the car parking buildings are bare.

Piles of rubble are scattered throughout the CBD and excavators have obviously been busy. Street vistas have large gaps where buildings once stood.

A USAR team gathers in a circle in the empty square, the only sign of life in Christchurch's CBD.

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament on Barbadoes Street is surrounded by crushed debris and exposed to the elements.

From 300 metres above the city the cordoned off red zone is accentuated.

Army personnel manning the cordon can be seen from the helicopter, standing as guards at the gates of the ghost town.

The Press