Pike costs at $10.92m

05:39, Apr 19 2011

Police have spent nearly $11 million on the Pike River mine operation, it has been revealed.

Up-to-date costs were released by police this afternoon in a written statement that said they had "received a number of requests for information on the expenses" relating to the attempt to rescue, then recover, the bodies of 29 men killed after explosions in the West Coast mine in November.

Police had so far received invoices from 232 suppliers for goods or services relating to the operation.

The total search, rescue and recovery costs paid by police was $10,916,871.

The Gorniczy Agregat Gasniczy (GAG) machine, which pumped water vapour into the mine to stabilise the environment, was the most costly expenditure, at $4.65m.

Personnel to operate the machine was the most expensive GAG outlay, at $2.47m, followed by $1.22m for the fuel and $968,000 for the jet engine and support equipment.

Additionally, staff allowances in the amount of $296,488 have been paid to officers on rotation in Greymouth.


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