Council pressured to release AMI Stadium report

20:44, Jul 17 2011

A decision to withhold an engineer's report detailing damage to Christchurch's AMI Stadium is "inappropriate", a former Vbase director says.

Pressure was mounting on the Christchurch City Council to release the report after yesterday's planned Vbase announcement on the stadium's future was called off for the third time.

Cr Sue Wells, the council's spokeswoman in the absence of Mayor Bob Parker and Deputy Mayor Ngaire Button, said a workshop would be held "within the next month" to brief councillors on options for the stadium.

The engineering reports were also being peer-reviewed, she said.

David Cox, a former city councillor and Vbase board member, said the report should be "on the table".

"A limbo situation is not good for anybody," he said. "Good news we can cope with, bad news we have experience of, but no news is a little inappropriate."


Cr Glenn Livingstone said yesterday the report should be released "as soon as possible".

"There's nothing to hide and the public need to know. It's their facility," he said.

Canterbury Rugby Supporters' Club president Dick Tayler said he was "totally puzzled" by the council's reluctance to release the information.

"It's not as though people are going to point fingers. Why not just tell us, `This could be happening, we're going to have to look into it more, end of story'," he said.

"They could say, `We need a little bit of time to analyse the engineer's reports to make decisions', and that's fine."

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