Fate of AMI Stadium not yet decided

SORRY SIGHT: Christchurch's AMi Stadium.
SORRY SIGHT: Christchurch's AMi Stadium.

The fate of Christchurch's AMI Stadium has not been decided, Mayor Bob Parker says.

The Press reported on Saturday that the Christchurch City Council-owned venue was set to become the latest high-profile casualty of the city's earthquakes.

Several high-level rugby sources said the ground was in a far more serious state of disrepair than previously disclosed.

One described the ground as "knackered" and said there was "no way" the Crusaders would play at the ground next year because the Deans and Paul Kelly stands had sunk in the February quake and needed to be levelled.

However, Parker said yesterday not all engineering reports had been received.

Information was not being withheld from the public, he said.

"We do have preliminary reports, but we have a number of crucial reports that we are waiting to be completed," Parker said.

"There's no secret around the information; we just don't have it all yet."

Reports would be tabled at a council workshop on August 9.

The stadium sustained "significant damage", but there was no evidence it was "terminal", Parker said.

"It's a question of what, if any, remediation is possible, what are the costs of such remediation and if it's technically possible. Until we do that, we just don't know what the future holds for AMI Stadium,'' he said.

"What we're interested in is what's the best pathway to get the best result for everyone. If we can repair the majority of the stadium, and get it back into action sooner rather than later, that's exactly what we want to do."

The council was working with the Canterbury Rugby Football Union to find a venue for the Crusaders next season.

Alternatives were "limited", which meant a decision could be made quickly,he said.

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