Demolition drags on

03:30, Sep 24 2011

Demolition of some big earthquake-damaged buildings could go beyond April next year, when central Christchurch is expected to be fully open.

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority chief executive Roger Sutton said yesterday that some buildings could take more than six months to demolish. "There may be some buildings that will still be cordoned off as we complete demolitions," he said.

This would mean that although streets would reopen, areas would remain fenced off, including buildings such as the Clarendon Tower.

The authority's draft recovery strategy for greater Christchurch says that by April, the central city should be reopened to the public and all dangerous buildings demolished.

However, work has not begun on many large quake-hit buildings marked for demolition, including Brannigans, the Crowne Plaza and Westpac building.

The Clarendon Tower is likely to be one of the most expensive and lengthy demolitions. Sutton said tenders for the building's demolition would close on October 6 despite an unresolved dispute between the owners and insurers.  Fatality probe A9


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