Driver escapes overturned truck near Lyttelton

18:50, Nov 07 2011

A truck driver had a lucky escape after his truck overturned on a precarious piece of road in Banks Peninsula.

Emergency services were alerted to the crash between Rapaki and Cass Bay in Lyttelton Harbour about 6.25pm tonight.

A police spokesman said the driver had initially been trapped in the truck's cab, but had managed to escape and was believed to be unharmed.

The road had been closed "off and on" as crews worked to remove the truck.

The spokesman said the truck was "one of those ones that's too big for the tunnel", meaning it was required to travel over the Port Hills via Dyers Pass Rd.

Oversized vehicles had previously travelled between Lyttelton and Christchurch via Evans Pass Rd, but that route had been closed because of damage caused by the February 22 earthquake.

It was not yet known if the road would ever reopen.


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