'Guerrillas' in camo gear 'spoil' meeting

04:18, Nov 23 2011
Kyle Chapman
MASKED: The disruption by people in camouflage gear was dismissed as "pathetic".

A right-wing supremacist group that marched into a Christchurch election meeting last night have threatened to disrupt nationwide polling booths on Saturday.

Kyle Chapman, who fronts the group Right Wing Resistance, led a dozen balaclava-clad men in military uniforms into a candidate meeting on Worcester St and hectored political candidates with a megaphone.

The publicity stunt was to raise awareness about how the Government had been "running the country into the ground", Chapman said.

"People have nothing left to do other than rise up."

He said the group was planning to protest on election day at polling booths in "multiple cities" across New Zealand.

Christchurch Central MP Brendon Burns, who was at yesterday's meeting, described the protestors as "thugs" and said they were "intimidating".


He dismissed the incident as a "pathetic stunt".

"It was a pretty pathetic attempt at intimidation, but there were elderly people in the audience and there were a few whose breath was taken away for a moment because you didn't know what was going to happen," he said.

Burns told Radio New Zealand this morning a few people in the crowd were frightened by the stunt.

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