Stamp show marks centenary

19:00, Jan 15 2012
Val Palenski
IN DEMAND: Val Palenski runs a busy stall.

Pictures of Christchurch's lost churches and historic Sumner trams are on display at a special stamp and postcard exhibition this weekend.

The two-day Addington raceway show, which has free entry, marks the centenary of the Christchurch Philatelic Society - the second oldest stamp club in the country.

Organisers said they were determined to go ahead with the exhibition after so many cancellations of sporting and cultural events due to the earthquakes.

Society spokesman David Smitham said a second floor was needed to display more than 6500 pages of stamps and postcards sent from around New Zealand and Australia.

Amongst them was a look at Sumner's trams and Christchurch's lost churches.

Smitham said as well as local stamps there were exhibits covering stamps issued to mark events in the British monarchy, including royal weddings, and another displaying stamps from Persia (now Iran) spanning 1891-1914. 

The show also had an area where youngsters could learn about stamps, see a metre-high stamped kiwi, and pore over collections from children around New Zealand including one titled Dinosaur Extreme.

Today, the centenary of the race to the South Pole by Captain Scott will be marked by the issuing of a special exhibition miniature sheet featuring Captain Scott.

All the stamps and postcards on display will be judged so that Christchurch Philatelic Society centenary medals can be awarded.


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