Council orders communication review

03:22, Jan 20 2012

The Christchurch City Council has commissioned an $80,000 review of its communication with the public after a barrage of public criticism over recent controversies.

The council has come under fire in recent months over several issues, including its decision to give council chief executive Tony Marryatt a $68,000 pay rise and to move its call centre to the North Island.

In a joint statement released this afternoon, Marryatt and Mayor Bob Parker said "justified" criticism of the performance of Marryatt and the council had convinced them that change was needed.

They said Marryatt would spend the year "out and about in the community" to listen to residents' concerns about the council and make changes where necessary.

The council had commissioned an independent review of its public communication to determine what it was doing well and where improvements needed to be made.

The review, which would cost about $80,000, would involve discussion with up to 120 people within the council and the community.

It was also likely to involve a public survey of a representative sample of ratepayers.

The pair said the full report would be made public as soon as it was given to councillors.


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