Knox Church rebuild plan preserves the past

18:03, Feb 02 2012

Rebuild designs for the new Knox Church in Christchurch have been unveiled.

The Bealey Ave church was badly damaged in last February's quake and was used as a backdrop for news broadcasts from the city.

The walls of the church collapsed, but the woodwork ceiling is intact and can now be seen from the street.

Knox Church minister Geoff King said he wanted to make sure the inside of the building was still visible after the rebuild.

"Our plan is to retain about 95 per cent of the remaining building and the internal panelling but encase the whole building in a seismically safe envelope with new cladding.

"We want the public to be able to see what is going on inside the building. The internal woodwork has been so much more visible since the quake.

"As much as we can, we want to open it up. The more glass you have, the more thermal and sound-proofing issues we have. We want to have a more open building.

"A large stained glass window on the Victoria St facade was destroyed in the February quake and we want a stained glass feature of some sort on that facade.

"We want to use the shards of glass from the original. We have preserved as much of that as we can."


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