Budding builders stack up Lego potential

Small beginnings: Reuben Ashworth, 6, works on the foundations for his Lego house.

Small beginnings: Reuben Ashworth, 6, works on the foundations for his Lego house.

Building activity in Christchurch's central city ramped up at the weekend.

Hundreds of people flocked to the opening of Imagination Station to unleash their creativity on thousands of small plastic blocks.

The newest tenant in Cathedral Junction aims to bring children into the central city again to explore a world of Lego fun.

Imagination Station director Christoph Bartneck, a senior lecturer at the University of Canterbury, said the open day had been a success.

"This is about as many people as we can handle at the moment."

An order of about 300 kilograms of Lego - thought to be one of biggest orders in New Zealand's history - was due to arrive later this month. The extra Lego would be used for an additional space aimed at younger children.

Mac computers boasting virtual Lego programmes allow more ambitious users to "build whatever they want, however big they want," Bartneck said.

The venue would offer a variety of Lego building courses, including how to make your own Lego movie, he said. However, survival was dependent on additional funding.

"At the moment we have enough funding to operate for about six months," he said.

Imagination Station needed a naming sponsor, he said, to ensure its continued presence in the CBD.

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Lifelong Lego fan Bartneck is a member of LUG 4/2, the world's most southern Lego club. Bartneck also helps organise the annual Christchurch Brick Show, the country's largest Lego exhibition, which will take place at Horncastle Arena this year.

Reuben Ashworth, 6, and his mother Clare spent some time building a Lego house yesterday.

"I just love Lego," Clare Ashworth said.

"It's really creative and building like this means he doesn't have to follow set instructions so there's no limitations."

Imagination Station is open seven days* a week from 10am to 6pm. Entry is free but donations are encouraged.

* An earlier version said Imagination Station was open Monday-Friday. This was incorrect.

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