Nitro quits party after conviction

00:28, Mar 26 2012

A former Mana Party organiser who had sex with a teenage boy in exchange for cash and cigarettes has resigned from the party.

Nicholas Kayne Nitro, 34, was sentenced in Christchurch District Court last month for receiving commercial sexual services from a 16-year-old.

The age limit is 18 under the Prostitution Reform Act.

Nitro, also known as Nikora Nitro, was the Mana Party's Christchurch branch chairman in the lead-up to last year's election.

Pages of text messages presented to the court detailed negotiations before Nitro had sex with the teen in return for cash, cigarettes, clothing and a cellphone top-up.

Mana president Annette Sykes said the party had conducted an internal investigation.


She said the party had determined Nitro's actions were "unrelated in any way to his responsibilities or activities as a Mana member and office-holder".

Officials were not aware of the charges against Nitro until he was convicted, while his actions came before "any organisation, elections or appointments by Mana in Christchurch".

Sykes said Nitro had resigned as a member of the party after the investigation, having already stepped down from all office-holding positions.

The party would discuss the issue at its upcoming meeting, Sykes said.

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