Cat's theft choices suggest sixth sense

THIEF: Charlie the cat pictured with some of his stolen loot.
John Kirk-Anderson

THIEF: Charlie the cat pictured with some of his stolen loot.

Charlie appears to be thieving to order.

The 4-year-old feline has been prowling around properties in sleepy Cracroft for about three years now.

In November, he was bringing home random items including gardening gloves, rags, underwear, balls and tea towels.

Lately his pilfering has become more targeted though. When his owner, Sharon Sharpe, had a baby, Charlie brought home children's toys. When her baby boy got a little older, she found toddler's clothes pushed through the cat flap.

Now, Sharpe has started running to lose some of the weight gained during pregnancy and last week Charlie started leaving running clothes at the door.

On Tuesday night he brought home compression running pants and on Wednesday night a yellow running jacket. "I think he may have a sixth sense, but whenever I say I need the winning Lotto ticket he doesn't do anything about it."

On Thursday night he dragged home a size 6 dress.

"It's like he's saying, if you keep running you, will fit this."

Sharpe is embarrassed by Charlie's thieving and is keen to return the running gear to its owner.

Her neighbours know to come knocking if they have lost something overnight, but Charlie has been known to steal goods from more than a kilometre away.

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