Artist's road cone Easter makeover

01:46, Apr 09 2012
Henry Sutherland
HENRY SUTHERLAND: The Christchurch artist is spreading the word on how to give road cones an Easter-themed makeover to "make kids smile".

Christchurch's road cones are being given an Easter-themed makeover to "make kids smile" over the long weekend.

Have you seen any Easter cones or have you made one? Email us your photos.

Cones around the city are being decorated with Easter bunnies made out of paper and plastic to celebrate the holiday.

Easter bunny road cones
HOW-TO: Christchurch artist Henry Sunderland's instructions on how to make a milk-bottle Easter bunny to decorate a road cone.

Christchurch artist Henry Sunderland spread the idea through social networking websites after the success of a similar plan to mark the first anniversary of the February 22, 2011, earthquake.

That project saw flowers placed in cones across Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland and in Australia, Britain, Singapore and Mexico.

"I saw, going home, just over the Ferrymead bridge, a little rabbit that was on a road cone. I just looked at it and thought that was cool," Sunderland said.


Spencer Hayes
GOOD FUN: Brothers Spencer Hayes, 11, Foster, 2, and Kaspar, 7, get into the Easter spirit by decorating road cones and the west wall of their home at Mt Pleasant's Cannon Hill Crescent, Christchurch.

He then created a design for making bunny decorations out of old milk bottles and shared its instructions online to get others involved in the project.  

He had since found the creators of the bunny decoration lived near him in Mt Pleasant's Cannon Hill Cres.

Hayley and David Hayes said their three sons, Spencer, 11, Kaspar, 7, and Foster, 2, made the first decoration together out of old margarine containers.

"You know you're in Christchurch when you're decorating road cones," Hayley Hayes said.

"It's one of those things that takes a life of its own. Everybody loves it."

Sunderland said the project helped "make kids smile".

"I felt pretty privileged to be just a small part of it," he said.

There had been talk of continuing the road-cone decorating on Anzac Day, with poppies placed in cones.

"It's all about people as far as I'm concerned, and we need to smile in Christchurch," he said.

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