Cops take calls over Port Hills cyclists' clash

22:17, Apr 10 2012
Port Hills cyclist assault
IDENTITY SOUGHT: This mountainbiker is alleged to have assaulted another mountainbiker on a Port Hills track in Christchurch on Sunday.

Police have not yet been able to identify a Christchurch mountainbiker involved in an alleged cycle-rage incident.

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Cyclist Jordan Brizzell, 24, said he was assaulted by a fellow cyclist on the Flying Nun track on the Port Hills on Sunday afternoon.

The incident, caught on film using his helmet video camera, was sparked followed a dispute about "track etiquette'', Brizzell said.

The video had gone viral online since it was uploaded, receiving more than 97,000 views on video-sharing website YouTube.

A Christchurch police spokesman said inquiries into the incident were still continuing.


Officers have taken a statement from Brizzell but had not identified the other man, the spokesman said.

"There has been some calls coming in from the public,'' he said.

Bruce White said he was walking on the track with his wife about the time of the incident and spoke briefly with the unidentified man in the video twice.

"I don't know who he is but he was pleasant both times we saw him,'' he said.

Port Hills track liaison and development officer Graham Allan said such an incident was "pretty much unheard of" on the hills as far as he knew.

"I'm sure that over the years a few riders have had words over such a thing, but as nobody recorded it didn't get into the media. I've certainly never heard of it leading to violence before."

Allan said track etiquette was "like on a golf course", where faster players should be allowed through ahead of slower players where possible.

However, he said both riders contributed to the tense situation and suggested they could have behaved differently.

"The rider with the camera was initially quite reasonable, but became steadily less reasonable as his frustration got the better of him.

"Why the chap in front - who ended up losing his rag - didn't just pull over and stop for five seconds I don't know."

The incident highlighted the reality of having to share recreational facilities, he said.


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