Missing Chch teenager found

23:05, May 07 2012

A Christchurch father is relieved to finally have his daughter home three days after she went missing.

Thirteen-year-old Anahita Afsharchi disappeared from her St Albans home about 9pm on Friday.

Her father Farhad Afsharchi said police found Anahita last night and he was able to be reunited with her about 8.30pm.

Afsharchi said his daughter had run away with another girl, and had been found at the house of the girl's mother.

The girls had tried to run away together about two weeks ago. Police found them at Christchurch Airport, where they had tried to buy tickets for a flight to Auckland, but had insufficient funds.

Police returned them to their homes, but the pair ran away again soon after.

Afsharchi said he and the caregiver for the other girl were considering pressing charges against those the girls had been staying with.


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