Farmer charged by 800kg bull

06:03, May 08 2012

A farmer was lucky to escape with fractured ribs after he was attacked by an 800-kilogram bull today.

The man, 60, was in his cattle yard near Loburn in North Canterbury when the bull charged him.

A St John spokesman said the bull had "sort of snorted at him and gave him the evil eye and he began to run over to the fence".

"The bull charged and rammed him from behind and pushed him up against the fence," he said.

The incident happened about noon at a property in Loburn Whiterock Rd.

The farmer was believed to have fractured ribs and "moderate" injuries, but the St John spokesman said he was  lucky not to have been seriously injured.

"Luckily, his brother and his workmate were also there and managed to distract the bull and get it off him,'' he said.

''It would have been a different story if he was by himself. He was very lucky his injuries weren't worse."

The man was taken to the Christchurch Hospital's emergency department by helicopter and was in a comfortable condition.



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