The end of Hagley Park as we know it?

Sport Canterbury has called for a slice of Hagley Park to be used as a replacement for Christchurch's ill-fated QEII.

The organisation wants better use made of the hallowed central-city turf and believes that is the prime position for any sporting hub to be located.

The idea was floated at a recent meeting of the Sport and Recreational Earthquake Leadership Group's Spaces and Places discussion paper.

Sport Canterbury chief executive Geoff Barry is eyeing land near the netball courts in south Hagley Park for an aquatic facility or indoor stadium.

He has also targeted the Hagley golf course as land that could be better utilised.

While some representatives at the meeting were against the idea, Sport New Zealand (formerly Sparc) believes debate should occur over the park's best use.

Barry is aware he could stir up a hornet's nest with his comments but feels it is essential that the issue is thrashed out to get the best for sport in the region.

Hagley Park is protected under government laws, and resource consent is needed before any changes can be made to the area.

Meanwhile, Canterbury Cricket is pushing ahead with its plans to create an international cricket arena on Hagley Oval despite the probability of New Zealand hosting fewer matches than originally thought at the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

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