Song may be too late for cathedral

19:19, May 16 2012

A fundraising song for the campaign to save Christ Church Cathedral has become a swan song.

The Song of Hope will be released today to raise money for the Restore Christ Church Cathedral Group, but the campaign leader admits it could be too late.

The campaign to save the cathedral was dealt a fresh blow this week, with Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee ruling out any government intervention to stop demolition.

Anglican leaders announced in March that the cathedral would be largely demolished, leaving walls about two to three metres high. The remains of the tower have been demolished.

Group spokesman Mark Belton said he planned to leave the campaign in about two weeks to focus on his professional and family life.

"Sadly, the song is probably a little bit late, but it could help if we are going to try to turn people around.


"We have looked at the engineering and technical and financial aspects, but what has been missing is the emotional importance of the cathedral."

Meanwhile, Christchurch entrepreneur Mike Pero is calling on Cantabrians to make a stand against the demolition of the cathedral.

"How any business, organisation, religious group or other can go ahead with such destruction when quite clearly the building could be saved is beyond belief."

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