Community work for Instant Kiwi thief

06:47, May 24 2012

A Lotto outlet staffer who tried to claim $100,000 on a stolen Instant Kiwi ticket has had her bid for a discharge without conviction rejected.

She has been sentenced to 100 hours' community work.

Christchurch District Court Judge Philip Moran today told Ivy Marie Rolleston that he could not discharge her without  conviction as she stole the ticket and tried to use it to get $100,000. Anyone who wanted to employ her was entitled to know about the offending.

The 43-year-old woman was sentenced on four charges of theft by a person in a special relationship and one of attempting to use a document dishonestly.

Defence counsel Errol Parsons said the associate who claimed the ticket had not been charged, and Rolleston had a good record.

He said she was well known in the community and could look forward to years more work, and wanted to get another job.


Rolleston was emotionally upset but was basically a good person who was supported by her parents, he said.

Judge Moran said Rolleston was in a trusted position, and she had let herself down badly.

The conviction would bring shame and humiliation to Rolleston, but he believed she was remorseful and contrite.

Rolleston worked at a service station, and operated the Instant Kiwi and Lotto terminal.

On March 17, she scratched four $20 Instant Kiwi tickets that she had not paid for. The first three were not winners, but the fourth ticket was worth $100,000.

She called an associate and told her she had won the money. The associate arrived at the station and completed the prize claim form on her behalf.

They sent the winning ticket by mail, but it was not paid out.

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