Police warn of lane crackdown

Christchurch police are clamping down on motorists using the wrong lanes.

Acting Senior Sergeant Scott Richardson, of the Canterbury road policing group, said police and the city council had launched an operation aimed at encouraging drivers to turn into the correct lane.

The problem of drivers not turning correctly caused "immense frustration" for motorists and was a frequent source of complaints, he said.

"This is a huge safety issue, especially when cars are coming from different directions, and there is a very real potential for a crash,'' he said.

''The rule is that when turning on multi-lane roads, drivers must stay in the same lane throughout the turn.

"Police see many instances where drivers turn either into the incorrect lane or drift from one lane to another. Drivers are putting themselves and other road users at risk with these illegal manoeuvres."

Police and the council would focus on education over the next two months to familiarise drivers with the rule.

"We will be carrying out checkpoints at problem intersections around Christchurch over the next few weeks, identifying drivers who are not turning into the correct lane,'' he said.

''After that we will be moving into an enforcement phase, so hopefully drivers will get the message about safe turning." 

The Press