Faulty cable sparks Riccarton explosions

07:01, May 31 2012
PUZZLING: Gas engineering services and fire fighters investigate a drain on the corner of Straven Rd and Riccarton Rd today.

A faulty electrical cable has caused underground explosions and cut power to about 30 homes in Riccarton today.

A fire service spokesman said they had been called to Straven Rd, near the corner of Riccarton Rd, twice today after reports of flames from a drain on the ground.

The first call was about 12.10pm and the second was about 1.15pm.

The explosions were coming from a low voltage power cable that was shorting due to a fault.

A spokeswoman for Lines company Orion said power was out to about 30 customers in Straven Rd and Riccarton Rd.

The company hoped to have the power restored by midnight.

Orion representatives are at the site investigating the fault.

A fire service spokesman said several people had reported feeling their houses shake when the explosions happened.


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