Somali refugee pleads guilty to violent rampage

00:43, Jun 05 2012
Zakariye Mohammed Hussein
ARMED: A picture of Zakariye Mohammed Hussein taken by a bystander from inside his car mid-rampage.

A man charged with an armed rampage across Christchurch has pleaded guilty to five charges after police withdrew an allegation of attempted murder.

Name suppression was lifted on 27-year-old Somali refugee Zakariye Mohammed Hussein when his case was called unexpectedly before Judge Jane Farish today. He had been next due to appear for a trial committal on June 22.

Before the pleas were entered today, police withdrew a charge of attempted murder of the council worker he kidnapped.

Hussein admitted charges of unlawful possession of a weapon, a knife, at Redwood School and in Hoon Hay Rd, kidnapping a council worker and a woman, wounding the council worker with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and injuring the woman with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Hussein's original court appearance was on March 20 at Christchurch Hospital, where he was recovering after being shot twice by police to end his rampage on March 15.

He has been remanded for psychiatric reports since his arrest and has been found fit to plead.


Judge Farish today remanded him in custody for a pre-sentence report, victim-impact reports, a further psychiatric report and sentencing on September 20.

Defence counsel Allister Davis said Hussein had name suppression from the time of his arrest until today, but he could see no reason for the order to continue, and the suppression lapsed.

While Hussein has been in custody, further charges of smashing a glass door at the school and threatening a man with intent to frighten him have been laid, but they were not before the court today and are still to be dealt with.

Sequence of events during violent rampage:

March 15, 6.30am - A Redwood School caretaker and a teacher disturb a Somali man, later named as Zakariye Mohammed Hussein, sleeping in the grounds and are threatened with a knife.

The caretaker and teacher lock themselves in a classroom and 27-year-old Hussein tries to break in.

About 7am, police are called and a cordon is set up around the school.

Hussein flees the scene, kidnapping a woman who is making a delivery to the school.

He forces her to drive towards Halswell.

About 8am, the pair stop at the corner of Hoon Hay Rd and Halswell Rd because of heavy traffic.

The woman is stabbed in the shoulder and manages to flee from the vehicle, screaming for help.

Hussein  gets out of the vehicle and approaches passers-by and motorists stopped at the Halswell Rd-Hoon Hay Rd intersection with a knife.

A Christchurch City Council worker in a council car waiting at the lights is repeatedly stabbed.

Jade Lynns, 22, attempts to stop Hussein with a steel bar.

Two police patrols arrive in quick succession. They attempt to quell Hussein with pepper spray.

One unsuccessfully attempts to Taser the attacker.

Hussein is told repeatedly to put down a knife.

He charges at police, still holding the knife, and an officer fires two shots at close range, hitting Hussein in the wrist and shoulder.

Hussein is treated in Christchurch Hospital for two gunshot wounds.

The stabbed city council worker, a man in his 50s, was treated in hospital for serious injuries.

The stabbed delivery driver was treated for minor stab wounds.

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