Satellite image shows extent of snow

04:51, Jun 07 2012
Dog in Ashburton snow
Lakya the husky has an early morning romp in the snow in Ashburton.
Snow in Wigram, Christchurch.
Snow in Wigram, Christchurch.
Hills near Rangiora
WHITE OUT: Snow lies thickly on a garden in the hills above Rangiora.
Snow in Christchurch.
Snow in Christchurch.
Snow in Woodham Drive, Ashburton.
Snow in Woodham Drive, Ashburton.
Cows in the snow
SHIVERING: No escape for these animals in a paddock near Rangiora.
Cows sheltering from snow
SHELTER: Some stock have found shelter from the wind and snow.
Cosgrove's snow-covered deck
WINTRY: Rangiora residents woke to see their gardens blanketed in snow.
Dyers Pass Rd cars in snow
SLIPPERY: Careful progress for traffic on Dyers Pass Rd.
Ashburton snow
ASHBURTON: Snow has been falling heavily in mid-Canterbury.
Ashburton snow
SNOWGLOBE: Ashburton resident Christine Richards has photographed the large flakes as they fall.
Eli the cat loves snow
SNOW LOVER: Eli of Ilam loves snow, says the Dowsett family.
PREBBLETON: Winter landscape
PREBBLETON: Winter landscape
Red flowers in Ilam
PRETTY IN PINK: Flowers still blooming in Ilam.
Jazmine in Twizel
NEVER TOO EARLY: Jazmine was out playing in the Twizel snow before daylight.
Jaime Bennett in Rolleston
PLAY TIME: Summer Bennett rugged up in Rolleston.
Snow falls in Westmorland, Christchurch.
Snow falls in Westmorland, Christchurch.
Snow in Burnside, Christchurch.
Snow in Burnside, Christchurch.
A house surrounded by floodwaters north of Greymouth.
Police closed SH6 north of Greymouth to most traffic after McLeans Creek overflowed.
Police closed SH6 north of Greymouth to most traffic after McLeans Creek overflowed.
Sh6 flooding
Flooding on State Highway 6 north of Greymouth.
Snow falls at Christchurch Airport.
Wintry conditions at Christchurch Airport.
Snow at Springfield
SNOWED IN: Sam Marsh and his dog Chai catch snowballs in Springfield, where around 20 centimetres of snow has fallen.
Avon River snow
PRETTY AS A PICTURE: Snow along the Avon River.
Kirwee snow
WHITE OUT: Windsor Drive, Kirwee gets a good covering of snow.
Rolleston snowman
COOL FRIEND: Natalya, 8, and Felicity, 7, with their snowman in Rolleston.
North Beach snow
SNOWY DAY: Larnach St in North Beach.
Redwood snow
SNOW TIME: 15-month-old Isaac tries to catch snow in Redwood.
AMI Stadium snow
ALL WHITE: AMI Stadium covered in snow.
Rolleston snow
BUMPY RIDE: Joseph Austin does a bit of snow biking in Rolleston this morning.
Cathedral snow
SNOW ANGELS: The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.
Fairlie snow
PEACE AVE: Fairlie's main street gets a dusting of snow.
Fairlie snow
TOO HIGH: Courtney O'Neill, 4, tries to dust snow off a mailbox in Fairlie.
Fairlie snow
FUN AND GAMES: Joe and Nick Brien play in the snow at Fairlie.
Fairlie snow
ICY ANTICS: Greta Pudney, Teniesha Holden and Eliza Pudney play in the snow at Fairlie.
Fairlie snow
NEW LOOK: Snow in Fairlie.
Huntsbury snow
SNOW MEANS FUN: A drift triker plays in the snow in Major Aitken Drive, Huntsbury.
Huntsbury snow
SNOW DAY: Drift trikers in the snow in Major Aitken Drive, Huntsbury.
Huntsbury snow
COOL IDEA: Drift trikers in the snow in Major Aitken Drive, Huntsbury.
Hanmer snow
Hanmer Springs received a significant blanketing of snow with 20 centimetres having fallen by Wednesday afternoon. Local girls Kelly Rutherford, Zoey Cuff and Jazmine Cuff enjoy a warm dip at the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools before the pools closed for the day due to a power outage.
MACHO MAN: Max Wilkins braves the snow in Burwood.
Oxford igloo
WARM IN HERE: A boy plays in an igloo in Oxford.
Cathedral snow
GOOD DUSTING: The Christ Church Cathedral.
WHAT SNOW?: For these Canterbury University students, winter still hasn't arrived.
Hanmer snow
MAKING TRACKS: A snow plough clears the road in Hanmer Springs.
Rudi Cepon braves the snow. He is visiting Christchurch from Brisbane.
Ohoka snow
NEW BUDDY: Cassidy Earnshaw, 4, plays in the snow at her Ohoka home.
Tumara Park snow
WHAT IS THIS?: Sienna Tobeck, 19 months, isn't keen on walking in the snow to Tumara Park.
Students in snow
ICE QUEENS: Today's snow gives these students a chance to show off their modelling skills.
Waimairi Beach snow
LOTS OF FUN: Sophie and Mark Shawe enjoy the snow in Waimairi Beach.
John Malliard
FAMILY FUN: Dr Annie Maillard and Esme Maillard enjoy a snowfight at TaiTapu.
Lake Coleridge
SNOWED IN: Kylee Simpson sent in this photo from Lake Coleridge Station, where she is home with a new baby.
FUN IN THE SNOW: Nick and Claire Goodey at Sumner Beach.
Southshore beach
WATER'S EDGE: Snow reaches the sea at Southshore beach.
Mia Kitty
WARM KITTY: Mia the cat is wrapped up warm against the cold by her owner Chris Hlavac.
SURF'S UP: Southshore beach was transformed by snow today.
Maya Stiven
GETTING CREATIVE: Maya Stiven makes snowmen in her Beckenham backyard today.
eric bichon
DOG'S LIFE: Gemma the bichon in her Rangiora backyard.
BIRD FEED: A finch feeds in Eric Pollock's Rangiora backyard.

From a distance, its easy to see how snow brought so much of mainland life to a standstill.

The blanket of snow that cut power, closed schools and blocked roads in the South Island has been captured in a satellite image this morning.

NIWA scientist Richard Turner said the image taken at 10.48am today showed Canterbury got a "good dumping" of snow to fairly low elevations yesterday.

"You can see the elevation that the snow reached, though there would have been a wee bit of melting by then," he said.

"There is a bit of snow even on the ranges around Nelson, up to the back of Takaka. It just shows the scale of the weather system.

"In the Tasman, there is a lot of clumpy clouds that shows very cold air over a relative warm ocean."

Turner said it was clear on both the east and west of the South Island, suggesting there was southwesterly flow following the storm.

He said geographical features stood out after a snow fall, with rivers and ranges easy to spot in the image.

"It's a nice image, it would have been quite frosty last night, quite cold this morning. There are a lot of things you can see."

The image was captured using data from a sensor flying aboard Nasa's Earth Observing System satellite Terra, and was then received by Niwa's station in Central Otago.

Snow Major Aitken Drive
CLEARING: Snow still lies thick on the ground on Huntsbury hill.
Dawn over snow-covered Christchurch
DAWN: Skies clear and cold over a snow-covered Christchurch.
Snowy dawn near Rangiora
CRISP: Snow lies thickly on a garden near Rangiora.
Snowy dawn near Rangiora
ICY: Snowy dawn peeping through from the hills near Rangiora.
Pink over Christchurch
PINK: Sun rises over the white-capped Southern Alps.
Lyttelton dusted with snow
DUSTING: The picturesque harbour town of Lyttelton.
Icy start for Diamond Harbour
TREACHEROUS: Icy start for Diamond Harbour.
Lyttelton Harbour from Dyers Pass Rd
BREATHTAKING: The view of Lyttelton Harbour from Dyers Pass Rd.
View over city from Sign of the Kiwi
CANTERBURY: Snow covers the city through to the alps as seen from the top of Cashmere Hill.
Winter blankets Christchurch, from the Port Hills.
Winter blankets Christchurch, from the Port Hills.
Spiders web, Halswell.
Spiders web, Halswell.
Snow rat
SNOW RAT: Snowy sculpture by the Van der Merwe family of Bromley.
Church Bay view
PORT HILLS: The moon over the Port Hills, taken from Church Bay.
Snow crystals
GLISTENING: A close-up of the snow crystals.
Richmond mist over the water
STILL: Mist rises from a Richmond waterway.
Rose Street, Cashmere
CAREFUL START: Motorists consider their options on Cashmere's Rose Street.
Matt Sixtus and his dogs
AT WORK: Washcreek farm manager Matt Sixtus at work with his dogs despite temperatures in the Waipara valley plummeting to -7.5deg at sunrise.
Matt Sixtus at work in Waipara
CHILLY WORK: Matt Sixtus, Washcreek farm manager, ensuring his Waipara stock are surviving in the snow.
Waipara Junction traffic jam
JAMMED: Traffic travelling north on SH 1 were stopped at Waipara Junction this morning. Snow fell heavily in the region overnight.
Greening family in Sumner
TOO EARLY: Leigh Greening arrives at Our Lady Star of the Sea school in Sumner with Holly Jones, 6, and Riley Jones, 5. School was shut until 11am.
Leigh Greening
SUB-ZERO: Leigh Greening's breath is visible in the freezing Sumner air.
Snow on Sumner beach
A RARE SIGHT: Snow on Sumner beach in June.
Robot snowman in Mairehau
ROBOT-MAN: Kyra Elliott, 9, and Alexis Elliott, 5, in Mairehau with their robotic snowman.
Max snow
BIKE TIME: Will Paterson can't understand why his bike won't work in Rangiora.
Baby James Leuzzi enjoying the snow
FIRST SNOW: James Leuzzi, 4 months, enjoying his first taste of snow in Hillmorton, Christchurch.
GREAT SHOT: The Great Alpine Highway at Sheffield, central Canterbury today.
EQC snowman
QUAKE-MAN: Izak and Monica Koster with their EQC inspector snowman.
SCHOOL'S OUT: Christchurch Boys' High School blanketed in snow yesterday.
QUIET SPOT: Snow rests on a memorial flower left at the former site of the CTV building today.
marsh kids
CUTE KIDS: Cooper, Bella, Sydney and Brooke Marsh trek to St Albans School today.
WHITE OUT: Snow on the tracks at Styx Mill, Redwood.
Stephen tree
SNOWY SCENE: Waikuku Beach, North Canterbury.
SNOWY OUTLOOK: A rural snow scene in Glentunnel today.
CHILLY POOCH: Kodak the dog in Glentunnel today.

Aquat and Terra passes over New Zealand twice a day - once during the daytime and again at night - at an altitude of 705km.


Snow on South Island
SATELLITE VIEW: The South Island seen from space this morning.