Rainbows break through ChCh's bleak skies

04:32, Jun 15 2012
Rainbow in Ilam
OMINOUS: Rainbow shines bright against threatening clouds in Glenavon Place, Ilam this morning.
Rainbow over Latimer Square - June 15
GLOWING: The rainbow appeared to touch the trees of Latimer Square.
Rainbow over former Holiday Inn
PRESS VIEW: The rainbow over Christchurch's central city was seen clearly from the new Press newsroom.
Rainbow over Cathedral
BRIGHTEN: A rainbow shines over the Cathedral on Saturday afternoon.

Rainbows were seen across Christchurch as the sun broke through the rain clouds periodically.

However, the dark skies quickly returned with rain and freezing winds felt in the city for most of the day. A high of 7-degrees was reached but by 4.30pm it had fallen to 5-deg with wind chill dropping temperatures further.

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Dyers Pass Rd closed
TOO ICY: Dyers Pass Rd was closed before dawn.


Snow and ice closed Christchurch's Summit Rd this morning and drivers were warned to be wary of severe ice on Dyers Pass Rd.

Dyers Pass Rd was closed from 7am to 9.30am, forcing commuters from Diamond Harbour and Governors Bay to take a lengthy detour via Lyttelton.


The Christchurch City Council said the road had been cleared and fresh grit laid and was now open on both sides of the Port Hills, but it warned drivers of severe ice.

Summit Rd to Mt Pleasant Rd remained closed.

Ominous clouds continue to threaten the city with rain. Sleet fell in the city before dawn and snow has settled in a light dusting across the Port Hills.

Snow and sleet continued to fall in the hill areas, and a MetService forecaster said it was set to continue for the day. The expected high today was 8C.

"It's not looking very good for today or tomorrow, I'm afraid. It's pretty wet and miserable, with cold showers, wind and some snow on the hills," the forecaster said.

Metservice meterologist Dan Corbett said the snow would "not amount to much".

"The weather will be improving slowly over the weekend, with a few showers on Saturday," he said.

Corbett said it should be dry in time for the All Blacks-Ireland rugby test on Saturday night but advised those going to the game to "rug up" for temperatures as low as 5C.

Kickoff is at 7.35pm.

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