Make Chch 'awesome', students told

Student Volunteer Army founder Sam Johnson has told Christchurch high school students to get stuck in and make Christchurch "awesome".

"Do something completely out of the ordinary. There are a lot of things in Christchurch you can do without asking permission to make Christchurch more awesome," he told the 2012 Emerging Leaders Conference for Canterbury Youth at Christ's College yesterday.

About 350 year 12 students from 23 Canterbury secondary schools took part in the fourth annual conference.

Johnson encouraged the pupils to be innovative and "crazy".

"If we are not going to be controversial we are going to be boring," he said.

"It's a great thing being students. We can go and do anything and then blame the whole student population."

Johnson advised them not to deal with the bureaucracy if they wanted to do something but to go directly to the people who made the decisions.

"They want your thoughts and innovative ideas. Use your voice."

He urged the students to get involved in volunteer work to win tickets to a pop concert for 10,000 people to be held in the new AMI stadium in Addington.

The only way to get a ticket to the concert is by doing four hours of volunteer work.

Renowned Christchurch architect Sir Miles Warren was honoured at Christ's College before the conference.

At a special school assembly, Warren was presented with the 2012 Christ's College Leadership Medal.

Each year the award goes to a college old boy who has shown distinction in his professional, academic or commercial life.

Headmaster Simon Leese said Warren was "one of the most prominent and innovative leaders of his profession".

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