Burnside man admits making morphine

23:53, Jul 05 2012

A man has admitted manufacturing morphine after a police raid on his Burnside house in March.

Christopher Robin Horgan, 54, unemployed, was granted bail for his remand for a Crown sentencing in October, by Christchurch District Court Judge David Holderness.

Police prosecutor David Rusbatch said specialist police staff were called in when a police search on an unrelated matter found laboratory equipment and chemicals at the address on March 19.

Horgan admitted charges of manufacturing the class B drug, and possession of equipment and precursor chemicals for the drug-making process.

Horgan told police he was the sole occupier of the Appleby Cres house and admitted making morphine.

Defence counsel Tom Stevens said there had been no recent manufacture of the drug at the time of the raid, and the police had described the drug making operation as "extremely unsophisticated".

The judge asked for a pre-sentence report and a report on Horgan's suitability for home detention.


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