Flash mob of older singers at Palms Mall

A flash mob of 50 mature singers surprised shoppers at The Palms mall last week.

The singers were members of Canterbury's four Rockers of Ages elders choirs, set up after the earthquakes.

You can see them performing Coldplay's "Fix You" on YouTube below.

Canterbury health promoter Diane Shannon said the choirs were for elders and "aspiring elders" to help combat the stress and disruptions caused by the earthquakes.
"The choirs are a great way to sing your way out of the earthquake blues."

"There are no auditions for the choirs and everyone is welcome to join. If you think you can't sing, you will be taught how to. If you have lost your voice you will be helped to get it back."

To find out more contact the Muse Community Music Trust, phone 388 0433 or email info@themuse.org.nz; or visit their website.

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