Chch groom may already be married

23:08, Jul 11 2012

The groom at the centre of a stag party that went drastically wrong in Queenstown after he allegedly struck his best man with a glass, punched a groomsman and threatened to kill them with a butter knife may already be married.

Facebook postings show Hayden Quartley and five of his friends who travelled from Christchurch to Queenstown for the stag party last Saturday were expecting a big weekend - but were not anticipating making national headlines after the alleged drug and booze-fuelled attack.

Last Thursday, Quartley posted: "Day one of the stags due (sic) is about to begin don't know how I feel about that but if I go missing just know that Kane Stewart, Callum McDougall, Nik Stacey, Tim Kirby, Dion Clarke are responsible, that is all."

On June 28, Kane Stewart posted: "One week to go! It's going to be a looong week ... "

The rest of his post referred to booze and strippers.

However, the stag party did not go quite according to plan.


On Sunday, Sergeant Steve Watt said the groom, who was allegedly under the influence of unnamed drugs, was brought back to the group's motel after becoming "agitated and restless" while out on the town. Two of the group, including the best man, arrived back at the motel about 5am to find the groom still agitated and restless, and an altercation started.

"The stag was still very anxious and restless, and ended up lashing out," Watt said.

The best man was allegedly hit in the head with a glass, the other was punched seven or eight times in the chest and stomach before the groom grabbed a butter knife and threatened to kill him. The groom then ran off and was unable to be found by the group.

Two hours later, the groom, a 27-year-old construction worker, was found and arrested by police.

On Monday, after the story made national headlines, new postings went up.

This from Stewart: "So ... It seems the whole of nz has heard about the stag do! If not simply google groom goes on rampage ..."

In response to 16 comments that followed, Stewart elaborated: "Yeah it really wasn't funny but i can see how it could seem that way not being there. I'm fine though, just a f...... sore head."

This from Callum McDougall: "Not so fantastic when you were there! Complete opposite really."

Quartley's Facebook page lists him as married to Amy Quartley and freshly returned from the Gold Coast to Christchurch.

Quartley appeared before a Queenstown District Court registrar yesterday and was bailed to appear on July 30 on three charges – assault using a glass as a weapon, common assault and threatening to kill.

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