Royals to get cathedral report

19:14, Jul 12 2012
queen elizabeth
SEAL OF APPROVAL: An engineering report on the Christ Church Cathedral has been sent to the Queen and Prince Charles's charity, the Prince's Trust.

The royal seal of approval has been sought for new plans to save the Christ Church Cathedral.

Restore Christchurch Cathedral spokesman Mark Belton said yesterday an engineering report commissioned by the Great Christchurch Building Trust had been sent to the Queen and Prince Charles's charity, the Prince's Trust.

The Queen quizzed Prime Minister John Key on the earthquake-damaged landmark's fate during his visit to Britain last month and in May an adviser to the Prince's Trust expressed concerns about the loss of the city's heritage.

"We are aware that the report has been forwarded by a number of people who have connections with the prince and Her Majesty. I can also say confidently, based on their expressions of concern, they will be greatly encouraged by this report," Belton said.

"I don't know what her response will be or how it will be conveyed, but I expect we'll hear back one way or another."

The Great Christchurch Building Trust's report suggested the cathedral could restored with "maximum retention" through the use of steel safe-havens for workers.


Belton was concerned Key had told the Queen the building could not be saved.

He had sent the report to Key and asked him to back up his statement that "if we could save the cathedral we would".

"Given this information, we hope you will be true to your word and voice your support for saving the church," Belton told Key in an email.

Supporters in Britain, Europe, Australia and North America had been sent the report also, he said.

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