Community garden idea for Morley Park

23:38, Jul 12 2012

Part of a reserve could soon be turned into a community garden to help low-income Bryndwr families.

The Christchurch City Council has received an application from a charity group wanting to turn part of Morley Park in Clyde Rd into a community garden where nearby residents can grow vegetables and hone their gardening skills.

''By setting up the Bryndwr Community Garden we hope to enhance the wellbeing of families and individuals living within the Bryndwr community,'' group chairman John-Luke Day said.

''We hope that the garden will be an inclusive place that will bring people together from diverse backgrounds and stages of life.

''We imagine a space where children and elders can be together  a place where people of different cultures and economic status can find common ground.''

Day said there was a strong need for a community garden in the area because many families were struggling.

Unemployment in the area was running at about 10 per cent, compared with the Canterbury average of 4 per cent, while the average wage was  $16,500, compared with $23,500 across the region.

The council is seeking public submissions on the proposal. The consultation period will close on August 2.


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