New tsunami warning system trialled

00:08, Jul 22 2012

Christchurch residents living near the coast will experience the sound of the city's new tsunami warning system today.

The Christchurch City Council has installed 22 tsunami sirens on the coastline between Waimari Beach and Sumner.

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The $550,000 sirens would be tested twice a year on the Sundays when daylight saving began and ended.

However, the first test will be held at 11am today, so residents are able to identify the sound of the siren and know when to evacuate the coastal area.


Residents are being asked to check on their neighbours, in particular those who are elderly or have a disability, to ensure they are OK during the testing.

Mayor Bob Parker and Civil Defence and emergency management manager Murray Sinclair will be at the New Brighton Pier at 10.45am where the mayor will make the call for the sirens to be sounded at 11am.

If the sirens are activated for more than 10 minutes, it is not a test and residents should evacuate the area.

Parker said it was important for families and businesses to have an evacuation plan ready, just in case.

The system would not be used for a local tsunami, but could be used in a regional one.

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