Homeowners stage noisy protest

06:22, Jul 30 2012
ANGRY: Protestors outside the civic offices tonight.

About 300 people have gathered to protest outside the civic offices.

Crowds of residents are begging Prime Minister John Key to "fix our homes before the CBD".

The protesters are gathered outside in the rain while Key and Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee prepare to unveil the blueprint for the CBD.

Protestors have marched forward, forcing police officers to cut them off.

At the front of the crowd is councillor Yani Johanson who missed the 6pm announcement and stayed with protestors.

Protestors are chanting that children and elderly are suffering.

"Stop the blame game Mr Key, hear our plea. We need a road to recovery."

Police and security guards are keeping a close eye on the crowd.

Richmond homeowner Mary Cudworth said she had "patiently been sitting and waiting" but had finally had enough.

"We have been put in the too-hard basket and it's not good enough. We can't move on and we can't wait up to eight years for settlements."

Christchurch east MP Lianne Dalziel is due to speak at the protest.


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