Worst Chch roads for traffic delays

21:02, Aug 01 2012

A southern motorway overpass has been named as Christchurch's most headache-inducing stretch of road.

The overpass, near Wrights Rd, was No 48 on a list of New Zealand roads most likely to have traffic delays in an analysis by the SUNA Traffic Channel.

SUNA, which launched its real-time traffic service in Christchurch in June, took data from the past six months from thousands of probe vehicles to make its assessment.

The city's second most problematic intersection was Curletts Rd and Blenheim Rd.

Nationally, the most delay-prone roads were in Auckland, with the southern motorway near the Ellerslie- Panmure Highway exit taking the "most likely to face traffic congestion" title.

SUNA chief executive Adam Game said Christchurch's southern motorway flowed well for a major arterial route, especially when compared with similar routes in other cities.


"However, like any metropolitan thoroughfare it is vulnerable to unexpected congestion and accidents, both of which contributed to the number of delays near the Wrights Rd overpass."

He said SUNA provided live traffic updates, by compatible personal navigation devices, in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington to help drivers work out which routes were congested, what roads were closed and where accidents were.

The service uses information from probe vehicles, The Radio Network's time-saver traffic service, the NZ Transport Agency, emergency services and local government.

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