Police delay Cassels & Sons opening

Police opposition has pushed back the opening of Christchurch's latest bar.

The Cassels & Sons Brewery bar had been scheduled to open last Friday in a historic Madras St building.

Canterbury police alcohol strategy and enforcement team leader Sergeant Al Lawn opposed the licence application because of an issue with the family's other bar, The Brewery in Woolston.

He was not able to say what the issue was because the decision on whether to grant a licence was before a Liquor Licensing Authority judge based in Wellington.

''I think [the judge] will give them the licence,'' Lawn said.

''The issues need to be placed before the judge. I often do that if I'm not quite sure what I would do.

''There are a few ifs, buts and maybes.''

Co-owner Zac Cassels said he expected to have obtained a liquor licence by last Friday.

A good crowd had turned up for Friday's opening.

''Some people had travelled a long way and we were so sorry to disappoint them,'' he said.

Cassels said the bar still had to ''jump through a few hoops'' to obtain the licence.

''It seems unreasonable for us not to have one,'' he said.

''We are a family restaurant and make organic beer.''

Cassels said the bar was open but would serve only non-alcoholic drinks until the licence was issued.

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