Peeping Tom pleads guilty

00:17, Aug 23 2012

A man has admitted using his cellphone to make a visual recording up a woman's skirt and carving peepholes in the partition of a fitting room in a clothing store.

Sean Robert Trimble, 43, changed his plea to guilty before a defended Christchurch District Court hearing today.

He was charged with making an intimate visual recording and wilful damage.

Police say Trimble went into a store on March 25 and placed his cellphone on top of an item of luggage, positioning it so it could see up a woman's skirt, and videoed her.

On April 21, Trimble, at The Warehouse in Hornby, took an item of clothing into a changing room, where he started carving out two small peepholes in the partition between the changing rooms.

He left the room and selected another item, went back in and continued carving, then did it one more time.


He was caught by police and told them he did not realise it was illegal to film up women's skirts.

He said the holes were already in the partition and he only put his finger in the holes out of interest as he was a painter.

Judge Gary MacAskill remanded Trimble on bail for sentencing on October 8. He ordered that Trimble be barred from The Warehouse in Hornby.

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