Museum visit brings back memories

17:00, Aug 26 2012

A group of former Pacific war ground staff gathered at Wigram Air Force Museum to reminisce during the weekend.

Peter Russell, whose father, Bill Russell, served in the Pacific during World War II, organised the get-together for ground staff who worked between 1942 and 1945.

He said about 12 people, including one woman who had served in the auxiliary air force based in Wales, met for a tour of the museum and lunch. Among the group were mechanics, general maintenance staff, electricians and a pilot.

Russell said it was perfect timing for the event because the museum had a new Kittyhawk on display and all of those attending would have dealt with Kittyhawks during the war.

He said his father enjoyed reminiscing with armourer Harley Simmons as they examined an ammunition belt for a .50 calibre machinegun.


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