Temporary community centre for St Albans

A community centre in St Albans has risen from the rubble.

A temporary building has been set up on the Christchurch City Council-owned Colombo St site where the St Albans Community Centre stood before it was badly damaged in the February 2011 earthquake and had to be demolished.

The "transitional" facility, a joint venture between Lions International and the city council, was opened by Mayor Bob Parker and Lions chairman Wing-Kun Tam today.

"This is a day of celebration. It's great to see a community get back something that it had lost,'' Parker said.

''Working in partnership with Lions, we have been able to give St Albans back a community centre sooner than if we had to wait for a permanent building to be completed." 

Lions district governor Peter Mechaelis said the group wanted to be able to help stressed communities in a "practical way".

Lions supplied the temporary building and collaborated with the council to get a facility running.

The community centre will provide a venue for community groups and low-level recreation activities such as yoga or drama classes.

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