Protest over quake recovery

19:34, Aug 29 2012

Canterbury residents frustrated by the lack of action on earthquake recovery will hold a protest march and rally in central Christchurch on Saturday.

Organiser Darla Hutt said the United Voices Protest March was for anybody affected by the quakes whose voice was not being heard, and the response so far had been "fantastic".

Hutt ran a rally last October that drew more than 100 people to the city's Botanic Gardens.

"There have been so many protests happening, for red-zoned and orange and so on, but nobody is seeing the whole picture of how many people are affected," she said.

"It's been two years and people are still struggling. They are reaching out, but nobody is hearing them."

Hutt said her home on technical category 3 land in Spencerville was cold and not weathertight, and she had been given the runaround by insurers and brushed off by politicians.


"We can't live there another winter, and there are so many others in the same situation," she said.

The protesters will gather at Carlton Mill corner at 1pm on Saturday and walk to the corner of Montreal and Hereford streets for a rally and speeches.

Hutt said while politicians and other high-profile figures planned to attend the event, they would not be speaking.

"We've heard politicians talk," Hutt said.

"We need to hear the people's voices this time," she said.

"There was the 100-day plan for the rebuild of the central city; where's the 100-day plan for the people?"

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