Police reveal speed-camera hot spots

03:23, Aug 30 2012
Mobile speed camera
CAUGHT: A mobile speed camera in Fendalton Rd, Christchurch.

Christchurch roads may be in a rough state, but more than 42,000 drivers have managed to get a speed-camera fine in the past year.

Police figures show 42,769 Canterbury drivers were fined from mobile speed cameras in the 2011-12 financial year.

The hungriest speed camera van was in Fendalton Rd, between Glandovey and Jacksons roads, which accounted for 2863 tickets being issued. A van was at the site for 93 days of the year.

Canterbury road policing manager Inspector Al Stewart said it was ''unfortunate but true that one of the most effective ways to change drivers' poor [speeding] habits is to fine them and keep fining them until they get the message''.

There are 55 speed cameras around the country, four of which are in Canterbury.

The NZ Transport Agency has $10 million held in reserve for the delivery of more, which could see the number of speed cameras on New Zealand roads double.


Stewart welcomed the proposed increase.

He said mobile speed cameras were operating in earthquake-hit areas.

"Speed fines are a really easy thing to avoid - simply comply with the posted limit. Drivers caught travelling in excess of the posted limit have no-one but themselves to blame for the resulting fine,'' he said.

The maximum speed recorded in a 50kmh zone was 121kmh in Cranford St on October 6 last year.

The top speed overall was not from a speed camera, Stewart said.

A 29-year-old man driving a modified car with three passengers was clocked by a highway patrol officer travelling at 243kmh on State Highway 7 near Waipara late last year.

Speed fines range from $30 for 1-10kmh over the limit to $630 for travelling 46-50kmh over the limit.

Driving in excess of 40kmh over the limit in a normal speed zone, or 50kmh over in a temporary limit, results in the loss of licence.

Canterbury's top-netting speed camera van sites

1. Fendalton Rd - 2863 tickets from 93 days stationed between Glandovey Rd and Jacksons Rd.

2. Main North Rd, Woodend - 2307 tickets in 38 days between Rangiora-Woodend Rd and Hewitts Rd.

3. Main South Rd, Hornby - 1367 in 42 days between Garvins Rd and Amyes Rd.

4. Hoon Hay Rd - 1364 in 62 days between Sparks Rd and Mathers Rd.

5. Wairakei Rd - 1161 in 57 days between Grahams Rd and Breens Rd.

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