Christchurch military and police supply business burgled twice in two months

Steve Haase from TwinNeedle Outdoor Equipment has been burgled twice in two months.

Steve Haase from TwinNeedle Outdoor Equipment has been burgled twice in two months.

A Christchurch business which supplies equipment to the military and police armed offenders squads has been burgled twice in two months, losing thousands of dollars worth of stock.

TwinNeedle Outdoor Equipment co-owner Steve Haase said the burglars appeared to have taken gear for themselves during a mid-December burglary.

But a second burglary last Sunday almost cleaned out his Phillipstown shop.

All up about $12,000 worth of equipment had been taken.

"I was up in Hanmer and it was just like 'f..k not again'.

"Matt was the first one around here, he's my business partner, and he was like 'they cleaned us out this time'."

During the first burglary "very specific" military-type equipment was taken.

"Some multicam chest rigs, matching clothing and the matching packs, matching magazine holders that go on the vests.

"You get the feeling they'd been in here before and had a look around," Haase said.

"We were talking to the police about it and they were like 'hopefully it's just a bunch of airsofters that are being w.....s and kitting themselves out, [not] someone tooling up for something a little bit nastier."

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But the second trip the burglars appeared to have "thrown everything out the door".

Part of Haase's business was supplying equipment for the New Zealand Police and military.

"Most of the gear that the armed offenders squad and the Special Tactics Squad (STG) wear we make.

"For the military we make basic pouches, first aid kits, belts, all that kind of thing and then our own TwinNeedle label," Haase said.

"We know that a lot of the guys in the STG, they came in and saw us afterwards.

"We've let them all know to be on the look out for our stuff whenever they are doing raids.

"That has been suggested — just have an STG guy in here with a mount and a sniper rifle," Haase said.

Haase said the stolen equipment was insured, but that did not cover lost profits.

"The profit is what we pay the girls with and pay the rent with and everything.

"So it's put us back probably six months on sales and it affects the staff as well.

"Most of them are really, really angry," Haase said.

Both times the burglars smashed through a bottom window of a door at the front of the shop.

The business would soon be moving to a location which would have cameras and security grills installed.

Another major client was Kathmandu, for which the company did repairs.

Parcels ready to go back to the retailer were taken during the burglaries.

Between 2012 and 2013 the number of burglaries recorded in Canterbury increased from 5661 to 5707.

That number dropped to 5500 in 2014.

Of those 670, 787 and 712 were resolved in 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively.

A police spokeswoman said the way burglary statistics were recorded had changed since 2014 so the number of victims was counted instead of the number of burglaries.

Between January and October 2015 a total of 6201 were victimised by burglaries.

Sergeant Richard Carolan said police were making inquiries into the two TwinNeedle burglaries based on any evidence gathered during scene of crime examinations.

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