Firebomb victim fears for safety

04:56, Sep 04 2012
hornby firebomb
FEAR: Claire, right, was targeted in a firebomb attack in her Hornby home shortly after midnight this morning. Her housemate’s daughter, Katie-Rose Delaney, 12, was asleep in the next room.

A Hornby woman says she ‘‘won’t sleep’’ until the man who firebombed her home is behind bars.

Claire, who wanted only her first name used, was asleep when two Molotov cocktails were thrown into her bedroom shortly after midnight today, one setting fire to the curtains and the other landing on her bed.

‘‘It all went woosh,’’ she said.

A burning rag was found by housemate Carol Delaney’s car.

‘‘I didn’t sleep that night,’’ Delaney said.

Police and the Fire Service were called to the Amyes Rd address about 12.10am, but Delaney had already put out the blaze with a fire extinguisher with the help of two passers-by.


Delaney’s daughter, Katie-Rose, 12, was in the next room and heard the smash of the windows breaking.

Claire said she ran outside to see which direction the offender had gone but could not see him.

While no–one was injured, Claire said she now felt like ‘‘a prisoner’’ in her own home and was too scared to go to the nearby mall on her own.

‘‘I won’t sleep until he is caught,’’ she said.

‘‘I’m scared he is going to come back.’’

Detective Damon Wells appealed for anyone in the area at the time to come forward, in particular the passers-by, who were possibly road workers.

Wells said the incident was ‘‘very concerning’’.

‘‘There is the potential for death or injury to any person in the house,’’ he said.

Police are seeking sightings of a red or maroon Honda Accord station wagon, with registration number CPS612.

Delaney said most of the damage was able to be cleaned up.

Police had taken the Molotov cocktails from the scene, she said.

Anyone with information is asked to phone Wells on 363 7859 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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