Packed hall for opera trio

19:29, Sep 05 2012
O Sol3 Mio
IN HARMONY: O Sol3 Mio perform their opera with humour at Shirley Boys' High School. From left, Mosey Mackay, 22, Amitai Pati, 23, and Pene Pati, 24.

When a Christchurch teacher checked his phone on Sunday night, he did not expect a message from opera trio O Sol3 Mio that read, 'Hi, we're down on Wednesday if you want us to perform'.

After watching a news item on television current affairs show Sunday, Joseph Houghton, responsible for Pasifika at Shirley Boys' High School, decided he had nothing to lose by sending a Facebook message asking the trio to perform when they were next in Christchurch.

They performed yesterday to a packed school hall and were welcomed by the school's pioneering barbershop group.

Samoan singing sensations Amitai Pati, Pene Pati and Moses Mackay got together in a Whanganui cafe at the beginning of this year to form O Sol3 Mio.

Pene Pati told the pupils he started singing to avoid maths class.

'My teacher told me, 'You'll never get anywhere with your music, you need maths'. That became motivation for me to do well. I'd love to see him now," he said.


Mackay told how a rugby accident at 17 that left him momentarily paralysed on the field forced him to find another passion.

Amitai Pati last week won the Lexus Song Quest, while his brother won the Sydney Aria Competition.

Despite being no strangers to success, the stars, who now live in South Auckland, remain humble.

'Our slogan is 'From nothing to something'.

"We all come from struggling families, but anything is possible,' said Pene Pati.

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