Closure reaction erupts on social media

The Christchurch community has turned to social media to vent its displeasure at proposed school closures announced today.

Facebook Nora Taylor user wrote on The Press' Facebook page "Shirley and CBHS? Girls' High and Avonside? Total sacrilege!".

Christchurch City Councillor Glenn Livingstone said on his Facebook page "I thought it was bad enough when Aorangi School was closed. Now look at the latest announcements and the impact these will have on the community".

Rebecca Lovell-Smith wrote "Hasn't Christchurch gone through enough already? At least let the kids have the stability of their school - there's been enough upheaval for too many children out East since the earthquake as it is, not to mention added stress on parents."

But Diane Jordan said the move "has to happen".

"Times are getting tough everywhere."

On social media site Twitter, Green Party MP Mojo Mathers  ‏ said she was "absolutely stunned, shocked and dismayed at extent of proposed school closures in Christchurch doesn't justify this".

Robyn Gallagher tweeted "When you mess with Christchurch's schools, you're messing with the very fabric that Christchurch is built on".

Another user Amy wrote "In the merging of schools, do they let students carry on in the same uniform until they've finished? Because a change could be costly".

April G tweeted "I reckon the schoolclosures will ensure more families will leave Christchurch. Doesn't the Government want folks to remain/rebuild?" while Kalena wrote "Half of Christchurch is already in counselling and on medication. This is going to impact generations to come".

Twitter user Rachael King asked how many teachers will lose jobs in the closings and mergings, while The Press senior writer John McCrone tweeted "Christchurch tertiary institutions ought to be worried about the bombs that could fall on them next?".

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