Fed-up wife blasts ring into space

03:05, Sep 19 2012
Wedding ring rocket
READY FOR ACTION: Loyal dog Xabu with the hand-painted rocket ahead of firing. Picture taken from a Youtube video.

Sorry Stephen, it would appear your marriage is over. That's judging by the lengths one Christchurch woman went to to dispose of her ring and call time on their four-year marriage.

Rebecca Gibbs found a novel way to end a toxic marriage - placing her wedding ring in a homemade rocket adorned with flames and a baby Simba and firing it into space.

Gibbs documented her foray into space travel on YouTube.

She said it was an uplifting experience.

"It was uplifting, liberating, and it was really supposed to be a positive step, which it was. It was also a lot of fun blasting a rocket into the sky," she said.

Her former husband, Stephen Page, lives in Britain, and when her marriage fell apart over a year ago, Gibbs returned to New Zealand.

"I found when I came back I had so much stuff left from our life and wedding I had to get rid of, so Mum and friends helped, and I gave away my wedding dress, but I was left with this ring and I didn't really know what to do with it."

It was her now partner's brother, who is a rocket scientist, who came up with the idea of shooting it into space.

"I just thought that was awesome and it was a really liberating experience for me, and while it was for me, it was also for him, to let him know it was completely over."

She had received emails from her ex-husband for more than a year after they had split, pleading to get back together.

The video shows her painting the rocket with the help of her dog Xabu and then heading to the launch pad and blasting the ring into the sky. The video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, but the launch was carried out last week.

With the help of couple of people close to her, they launched the ring into space from a concrete pad at Birdlings Flat on Banks Peninsula.

It is unclear how far the ring got, but a second blast in the sky appeared to give the rocket extra propulsion through the atmosphere.

Set to a backing track of Beyonce's Best Thing I Never Had, words written on the screen offer a glimpse into how their marriage deteriorated.

Gibbs alluded to several issues but refrained from going into details, saying, "Stephen, this is for you".


Wedding day kiss
HAPPIER TIMES: Stephen and Rebecca on their wedding day. Picture taken from a Youtube wedding video.

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