Porky playmate hogs affection of pupils

23:18, Sep 19 2012
GRUNTY OPPOSITION: Woolston School pupil Max von Dorp meets his match on the football field with Trooper, the kunekune pig.

Trooper attends Woolston School, but he isn't like the pupils. He cruises around the school grounds all day and sleeps in the sun.

Trooper is a kunekune pig and has lived at the school since February.

A mobile farmyard visited the school in February and a kunekune pig was popular with the children, so principal Janeane Reid decided to get one for the school.

She was told Trooper was a miniature kunekune that would grow as big as a medium-sized dog.

"He looks like he has consumed two medium-sized dogs," Reid said.

He was born in January and in May he weighed 70 kilograms.

The children loved him but quickly learnt not to leave their lunch boxes exposed, Reid said.

Having Trooper at the school reinforced the school's values of being caring, respectful and responsible, Reid said.


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