Baby seal visits New Brighton beach

A young seal attracted the attention of beach-going dogs yesterday.

The seal spent yesterday morning wandering around New Brighton Beach ''looking a little bit lost''.

Parklands man Jim Nicholls spent almost two hours on the beach trying to encourage the unlikely visitor back into the water.

''There wasn't too many people there but the ones that were there had dogs and I was a bit worried that they might try and tear a bite out of him [the seal],'' he said.

''That would have been awful so I kept an eye on him and he seemed reluctant to go back into the water at first but he finally got there,'' he said.

Nicholls visits the beach most days to fly kites and said he had ''never in my life seen a seal'' there before.

''I've seen quite a few penguins over the years but never a seal ... and he was quite young too.''

He contacted the Department of Conservation who said they had already checked on the pup.

The lone seal made his way back out to sea at about 1pm.

''He was quite a sweet little thing and I hope he found his way home,'' Nicholls said.

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