Teens clean up Waimairi Beach

18:57, Sep 23 2012
Waimairi Beach
PITCHING IN: Samantha Swain, 17, right, and Maggie Worthington tidy up Waimairi Beach on Saturday as part of a volunteer project for The Concert.

Teenagers flocked to the beach on Saturday, but not to work on their tans.

They were among a group of about 50 who spent the morning cleaning up Waimairi Beach as part of a project for the Volunteer Army Foundation's The Concert.

Volunteers who commit four hours of their time receive a ticket to a free concert at AMI Stadium on November 3.

The cleanup was the brainchild of Shirley Boys' High pupils Tayler Reed and Fraser Smith.

Reed said Smith, a Waimairi Beach surf-lifesaver, floated the idea of tidying his local patch.

"We're both at Shirley and we just spread the message through our group of friends," Reed said.


"It's really cool being able to do stuff like this and not just join in and follow the herd.

"Organising stuff like this, I quite enjoy doing it."

The cleanup dispelled the "vibe" that The Concert was for university students only, he said.

"If you look at the turnout [on Saturday], we've got some people well over varsity age and most of the rest of us are 17 and 18 as well. There's a diverse range of people here."

Reed was impressed at how many young people took part, even with the carrot of a free ticket to a major music event.

"It's great knowing that young people do actually care about doing stuff like this. It's not just about the ticket [to the concert].

The beach cleanup was likely to be Reed's only volunteer effort because of his sporting commitments, but he encouraged others to take part.

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